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Great visuals for great ideas

Animations, visualizations and virtual reality experiences for exhibitions, television, print and events. Everything is included from the conception phase to the creative solution – a one stop service.

Fuchs und Vogel Agentur

We are creative technophiles and downright team players. Our attention to detail allows and motivates us at Fuchs & Vogel to break through artistic and technological barriers for your benefit. Several hundred succcesful projects and over ten years of experience is the foundation of our excellent work.


Wether you desire conventional advertisment, exhibition films, visualizations, visual effects or virtual reality experiences we guarantee a perfect result and you will leave a lasting impression on your target group's mind. We promise!


We offer the highest level of technology! By using our own inhouse CPU and GPU render farm we guarantee an efficient work process and the highest level of quality. Thus we remain flexible and can focus on the most important aspect: your project.

Quality prevails! Renowned customers have already trusted us with their visions. Let us convince you with our passionate work.